Wednesday • 24 July 2024
17 Muharram 1446
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July 24, 2024


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Jul, 2024

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Funeral Assurance Committee

Why Join The Committee?

Please take notice that the Trustees of Masjid Committee at their meeting have passed a resolution to increase the charges of FAC Membership from 1st September as follows:

  1. The annual renewal fees will be £55 per person. For husband and wife it will be £110 and children under 18 will be free of charge included in the family membership.
  2. New Membership Joining Fees:
  3. Upto 40 years of Age – £50 joining fees + £55 year membership fees
  4. Age between 41-50 Years – £100 Joining fees + £55 year membership fees
  5. Age between 51-55 Years-£500 Joining fees + £55 year membership fees
  6. Age between 56-60 Years-£1000 Joining fees + £55 year membership fees
  7. Age between 61-65 Years-£1500 Joining fees + £55 year membership fees
  8. Age Over 65 Years – £2000 Joining fees + £55 year membership fees

All above prices are per person and for husband & wife, it will be times 2.

  1. Where a coffin is used or requested the charge will be £300, not included in FAC membership benefit.
  2. Transport charge of £150 will be levied on funerals collected outside of Crawley but excluding East Surrey Hospital at Redhill. Additional charges are payable for London and further distances. These costs are not included in FAC membership benefit.
  3. A charge of £100 will be levied for the use of Masjid Kitchen Facilities for food serving on the day of Janaza. Not included in FAC membership Benefit.
  4. The FAC membership is only available for Crawley Residents who are British Citizen or have indefinite stay permit. The people on time limited Visa are not eligible. Members who were Crawley Residents but moved out of Crawley can continue their membership to a maximum of two years but burial cost pay-out will be capped at £2000.
  5. There are other terms and condition which continue in place (enforce) as before.

Currently, there are nearly 1000 FAC members and considerable numbers of them are over 65. To keep this scheme financial viable above pricing structure is required and necessary. Executive Committee reserve the right to changes all terms and conditions as and when necessary or refuse membership.

Committee of Trustees
Broadfield Crawley Masjid

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