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16 Dhū al-Qa'da 1444
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June 5, 2023


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Jun, 2023

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Funeral Assurance Committee


Why Join The Committee?

The Funeral Assurance Committee (FAC) was established in 2017, to provide for the bereaved, comfort and assistance in planning and carrying out an Islamic Janaazah.

Its membership currently stands at approximately 2000 members.In order to join the FAC you must be a member of the Masjid and you must not before joining be terminally ill (e.g. Cancer or other life threatening illnesses) and/or become terminally ill within three months of joining the FAC.

Family membership will include all children under the age of 18 years

The membership year will run from 1st August (2021) to 31st July (2022) and each year thereafter. It will be the responsibility of each member under this scheme to ensure that they pay their annual membership fees before the end date to be eligible for benefit under this scheme.

This is a term benefit scheme and no benefits are accrued for the members in this scheme. This would mean when membership is terminated for whatever reasons no accumulated benefit are due or payable to the leaving members’ whether family or per person membership

The membership can be determined by giving written notice of two months by either party.

Management reserves the right to allow or refuse the membership to any one for good reason under this scheme.

Funeral Assurance Committee Charges 2022

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Our vision is to use the Masjid as a conduit to recapitulate the dignity and pride into our community