Friday • 10 April 2020
Sha'ban 17, 1441
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April 10, 2020


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Crawley Mosque

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As a growing community Crawley Masjid can facilitate around 1000 people. It is Important that maintenance is kept up to date which includes gas bills, electricity, security etc. 

Moreover our focus is towards The education section where there is a high demand and increase of pupils. with over 300 students attending we look to expand and improve the learning system in order to create great pioneers of Islam who will protect the Knowledge of Islam.

Donations can be currently made through Bank Transfer, Paypal, Credit/Debit card.

Please Note that donations online are accepted for Lillah (Allahs Sake) and Sadaqah Naafilah (Optional Charity, Gifts etc).

For Zakaah and Sadaqah Waajibah please speak to any of our Imams or the Management Team. 

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Donate to the Masjid using a bank Transfer.

Bank Details:

Bank: Barclays
Account Name: Jamiat-ul-Muslemeen Quwat-ul-Islam Masjid
Sort Code: 20-23-97
Account Number: 90295299

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